At Skyscrapers, we believe in doing things better than most employers. Our core principles are focused on teamwork and those people who join our team. Why? Because there is little dispute that team relationships and interactions drive success more than any outside factors, including the competitive environment or any technological innovations. We are about our team and the people on our team, which is why we are very particular about the candidates we recruit to join us here at Skyscrapers.

The Skyscraper Mission

In dealing with the need for personal growth and constant adaptation in life, Pop Singer Taylor Swift recently wrote that "these things will change." That says a lot about the world today, where our economy, technology, and workforce is in a constant state of flux as in no other time. Ours is a dynamic enterprise culture swirling around ubiquitous mobile devices, off-site data management, and the values of an accelerating knowledge economy. Skyscrapers stands at the vanguard of this new economic juggernaut with the world's most innovative and dynamic freelance writer marketplace platform: we serve American industries with knowledge-driven contract work that consistently exceeds client expectations. Of course our customized platform technology makes it easy for clients to source the world's best talent for copywriting, product and catalogue writing, various levels of professional editing and results-driven business writing. Beyond that, our fundamental expertise is in providing the right people for the right job at the right price, eliminating all points of friction in the process of engagement between our clients and our talented writers.

The Skyscrapers marketplace is a dynamic virtual intersection of business seeking professional written communications and the most talented writing services to be found anywhere. The flow of traffic at that intersection is managed by our Las Vegas, Nevada based 24/7 customer support team which continues to expand, providing exciting new opportunities for the right people.

The Skyscraper Recruiting Process

We continue to remain focused upon attracting the highest levels of talent to the Skyscraper Team. This involves a careful personal screening and complete review of a candidate's background and professional resume. Promising candidates are then contacted for a personal interview to determine the likelihood of a good fit on a specific team and within the overall organization. We presume that most of those who are recruited will have the requisite professional skills; just as important to us is the ability to become part of our workplace culture with shared motivations, values, and work habits. We work hard and depend upon each other to meet performance standards. We believe it's critical to work together from both the perspective of the individual candidate and the perspective of the team at large.

If you are successfully recruited and offered a spot on our team-whether its on the customer support team or working in editorial or marketing-our objective is always to see you working on tasks where your success is most assured. Again, it's all about the right people for the right job, with your skills a perfect fit for the task at hand.

The process isn't perfect-we're just people too-but we believe in adjusting when we make mistakes. When we hit a bump in the road, we steer around it and make course corrections so that our journey together is as smooth as possible. The result is a flexible working environment where team members are confident their abilities are being used to the best possible effect.

Ours is indeed a unique, collaborative working environment. If this is something that appeals to you, you may be the right person for the right job, and we'd like to talk about working together with you.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Skyscrapers, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer in every regard. That means we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, skin color, disabilities, national origin, sexual orientation or child rearing factors. If you've got the talent and the desire to work with us, you are more than welcome to contact us and begin the application process.

At Skyscrapers, we believe in doing things better than most employers. Our core principles are focused on teamwork and those people who join our team. Why? Because there is little dispute that team relationships and interactions drive success more than any outside factors, including the competitive environment or any technological innovations. We we are about our team and the people on our team, which is why we are very particular about the candidates we recruit to join us here at Skyscrapers.

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The Knowledge & Information Economy

Throughout history, there have only been a handful of notable intellectual and technological developments to have a lasting impact upon future generations. The latest of those is the explosion of the international knowledge and information economy, defined as "an economy in which growth is dependent on the quantity, quality, and accessibility of the information available, rather than on the means of production."

What does this mean? Simply that earlier paradigms of capitalism are transitioning to a modern context where the keys to cultural, social, and economic growth and individual prosperity lie in relevant, actionable data and knowledge.True as this definition may ring, at Skyscraper we believe there is far more to these developments that those words imply.

There is no argument that this new knowledge economy signalsan evolution in terms of capitalism. More importantly, we believe it also portends a once-in-a-generation opportunity for career and workplace freedom with the prospect for unlimited personal success. Our interest isn't merely in creating a repository of grinding freelance work with meager financial returns. At Skyscrapers, we allow talented freelance writers to enjoy a significant income on their own terms and schedule, while demonstrating their high-level skill sets and work habits. If-as every progressive entrepreneur and business leader knows-knowledge and information are the most valuable commodities driving today's economy, then Skyscrapers is destined to become a preeminent force in that economy.

Knowledge overshadows information

A decade ago, when the information based economy first surfaced, the service industry to support that economy quickly followed. But the proliferation of internet technology and the rapid development of accessible user-friendly communications devices has accelerated changes no one could have predicted. Information, while still of value, is no longer the crux of the issue or the potential economic values lying just around the corner. The realities of today's internet, with its concomitant explosion of big data, cloud storage, and super-computing truly defines the challenge we now face: information overload. Consumers no longer want mere search results, they demand increased relevance and utility of information. Relevance and utility, when presented in concert, are the only real economic asset today. In order to cope with information overload, those factors-relevance and utility-must be present in a quality-driven, efficient business decision environment. There is a distinction between "information" and "knowledge" that must be realized where progress is the objective. The reason Google continues to succeed while they scatter the corpses of their competitors across the landscape is clear: theirs is a knowledge-based paradigm that moves beyond the limits of colorless data and information. The result is a dedicated consumer rewarded with quality knowledge and the fulfillment of intellectual, social, and economic goals.

A thirst for knowledge

Customers have a never-ending thirst that is no longer slaked with a constant flow of "information". Rather, they seek something more profound: knowledge.

But only a select group of industries understand the needs of consumers and are willing to commit to providing knowledge as a useable and deliverable end-product. A decade ago, the online search for "how to boil an egg"produced myriad superficial guidelines to do so. But in truth, only a very limited number of search results considered such critical factors as yolk texture and the varying results throughout various boiling point exposure times. With those variables affecting outcomes, consumers required specific knowledge to truly produce the best possible boiled egg. This is the sort of knowledge gained only through practical experience or via rote imitation. Such wisdom is not genetic, generic, or simply "information."

Likewise, today's consumer constantly seeks knowledge of a diversity of other, equally practical realms, of which custom writing and editing are currently rising to prominence. It's this demand that inspires Skyscrapers and our devotion to professional excellence. We provide a straightforward path for clients to retain expert subject matter help and writing and editingin any specific field of study. The degrees of knowledge we provide are certainly of more value than the techniques of boiling an egg, yet the expertise we provide remains economically attainable and can be tailored and scaled to individual project requirements. We have the experienced, seasoned, professional teams who understand what it takes to provide this level of knowledge and to properly document it for client objectives. Skyscrapers' knowledge and writing experts are among the most highly rated in the world´┐Żand that's why we have them on our team. Our goal: to deliver actionable knowledge in a way that brings the greatest value to our clients. Superior knowledge and communications, not mere data and information.

Writers: the key to mutual success

At Skyscrapers, we don't believe that writers are simply research-and-transcription machines. Our teams are comprised of individually responsible purveyors of valuable knowledge whom we manage and rate based upon their success, experience, and the value they bring to our clients. Our writers are uniquely positioned to bring their individual knowledge and high-level skillsets to our clients throughout the world. To produce and manage such a dynamic service on an international scale demands significant investment, operational management, and technical resources. Skyscrapers removes this obstacle faced by the individual knowledge and writing expert by allowing access to a powerful professional platform allowing the individual professional to share knowledge in exchange for reasonable compensation. The concerns over resources an technological wherewithal required for transactional delivery to a global market are simply eliminated. Skyscrapers simplifies life by eliminating those points of negotiation stress and and delivery issues between talented writers and our clients requiring knowledge and skilled writing expertise.s

You're already a part of the new knowledge economy. Now it's time to take advantage of it with Skyscrapers as your gateway to the world's best professional writing.